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Solution When you order a solo from me, you can provide me with an email but know that I will reserve the right to alter that email to suit my list.

My list was built over the course of ten years in internet marketing, from many sources... mostly free, some paid.

My list is comprised as both, freebie seekers AND buyers.

I have built trust in my list which is why I speak to my list with MY words and not someone eles's...

Your solo ad:
> It's my job as your solo ad provider to do the best I can in getting the people on my list to go to your page, with interest.

> It will be delivered in a timely fashion on a first come, first serve basis.

> I track everything.. I do NOT welcome web based trackers with the exception of this one because the others get caught by spam filters and with good reason, they are used to spam.
This site is for normal solo ads.
This site is for MLM solo ads.

The MLM solo ads are more expensive, but as well all know. MLM is designed to TAKE from the little guy and GIVE to the bigger guy.
If you want me to send my list out to slaughter but fancy it up for you, then I expect to be compensated for it. My list will abandon me for sending them to MLM sites... Then I must replenish my list and build a new connection with them.

Most other questions regarding my solo ad service are considered private and will be ignored and I might even take offense by being interrogated.

Some other questions I have been asked by solo ad buyers are reserved for my paying students.

Ask further questions regarding my solo ad service at your own risk.

Rodger Hyatt
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